About Us

RedMass.com is the official website of the St. Thomas More Society of South Florida, an organization of Catholic lawyers in the South Florida community, founded in 1989, dedicated to the advancement of the principles of St. Thomas More.

The patron saint of lawyers and politicians told the crowd of spectators at his beheading in 1535 that he was dying as “the King’s good servant-but God’s first.” St. Thomas More has been immortalized as a “man for all seasons” based on his prolific life and character. Recently, in an English poll, St. Thomas More was named “Lawyer of the Millennium.”

Each year the Society sponsors The Red Mass, a traditional Roman Catholic ceremony with a long and rich history, at St. Anthony Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as well as a reception and banquet following the Mass at a Fort Lauderdale hotel.

Now one of the premier legal events in South Florida, The Red Mass is attended by judges, lawyers, politicians, and officials of all faiths, who ask God to bless, strengthen and enlighten our civic and religious leaders, all servants of the law, and all people of faith, so that in cooperation and mutual trust, we may more effectively achieve justice and freedom for society